Kate DobsonHow long have you been at SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit (formerly Interfleet)? 
I joined in 2012, and moved from the UK business to the North America Region in the Summer of 2014.

What’s your role?
Senior Consultant- Human Factors and Ergonomics
My work is about influencing human behaviour and reducing human error through designing effective and intuitive control system interfaces.

What interests you about your role?
I love that every project I work on can be different. Human Factors requires gaining an understanding of how an operator performs their role, thus allowing me to determine how I might be able to help improve the design of the tools, techniques or work environment for that operator. My work helps maximise human performance and reliability in control systems within an increasingly higher performance focused environment.

What opportunities have you had since you’ve worked here?
I have completed user trials on the Thameslink train cabs in Germany, control centre designs in Canada and I’ve spent time in Japan and Thailand on a project around train cab design. I've worked on most of the big ETCS and CBTC signalling upgrades implemented across the UK. Attending forums, presenting at conferences and growing my business development skills to increase awareness about Human Factors and Ergonomics has been incredibly rewarding. Finally my transfer from our London office across to our Vancouver office has been a fantastic opportunity.

What makes it a great place to work?
The leaders in the business, who continue to support, mentor and enable opportunities for me and the talented and driven people who surround me.

Why do you stay?
In the hope that there will continue to be interesting projects and opportunities for me on the horizon that allow me to broaden my expertise, learn new things and take on new challenges.